Hang In There, Japan!

SGBs MallでHang In There, Japan!というチャリティーイベントが始まります

C’est la vie!のチャリティーアイテムはフローラルプリントのロールアップしたドレスです

::donation item for the‘Hang In There, Japan!’::

「Hang In There, Japan!」donation item-florals shirts dress

::C’est la vie !:: florals shirts dress(Daphne Pink)/130L

A shirt dress in a beautiful botanical floral print.
The sleeves can be rolled up. The waist is nipped in
with a contrasting plaited tan belt.


Hey guys we have a new exclusive item for 「Hang In There, Japan!」
Charity out now 100% of the profits goto Japan in their tiem of need.
We pray for them and hope for strenth. Thank you guys and please be apart of this good cause.

「Hang In There, Japan!」Charity Event Offer
I think that many people feel distressed about a earthquake and seismic sea wave(Tsunami)
I wonder what we can do …….?

would you like to join to Festa?

Title: Hang In There, Japan!

Date:1~4th April

Place:SGBs Mall http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sounds%20Gravis%20Beach/127/184/25

We collect Limited items by SGB Tennant and Creator of Public offering .
We will have festa & DJ Event
All proceeds will be used to purchase the Official Linden Bear, in support of Japan’s reconstruction

Our thoughts are with afflicted area people at this difficult time.

Hang In There, Japan!

Hang In There, Japan!

Many Love
C’est la vie! Larcoco Mathy




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