Move for F of Japan

Hello there,
As you know, the Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan on March 11th, 2011. (local time)
My family and friends are all fine, but so many people are still waiting for help.

I made the many items for the charity, and I set up them at my store.
All proceeds will go to “Move for F of Japan”.
“Move for F of Japan” will raise money through donations contact.

Because many people cooperated, the donations gather steadily.
thank you !!

Thank you so much for your help and support!

::C’est la vie!:: offer all of this earnings for relief efforts in Japan.

Love Japan<3

Move for F of Japan Blog

::C’est la vie! 100% donation items::

Move for F of Japan
*floral dress(Fresh Pink)
*Flare Leg pants(baby pink)

今回の新作は、参加させて頂いてるMove for F of Japanのdonation itemになります
アバターに入金されたL$はすべて リアルマネーに換金し



::C’est la vie!::main store

MAY.6.2011 C’est la vie!
Larcoco Mathy

I hope we’ll make you happier with my goods. Peace 🙂

shop blog

I love you all and made our group in flickr.
please add your photos about c’est la vie pose or clothes.
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