New Release*Suede Feather Fringe Tank

Dear Membes

Hi there!
These are sold in our select shop :*:’Couleur de tout:* open.
and I’m releasing suede Feather fringe tank added a new color.
Featuring perforated suede main, with feather details,and sleeveless design:D

Suede Feather Fringe Tank is ON SALE for L$100 until Aug.21th at Couleur de tout.
The next time you sell the main store, and return to the regular price.

::Suede Feather Fringe Tank::

Each 5Color(black,brown,chestnut,chic rose,caribe blue,)/150L→100L

Couleur de toutがリニューアルOPENです

リニューアルオープンに合わせてSuede Feather Fringe Tankのカラーを増やしました
期間限定で、Couleur de toutで150Lのところ100Lでお買い求めいただけます

Couleur de tout


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