::C’est la vie!::New Release&LB@K D C T O W N

A great new place opend in The K D C T O W N!!
and we can take part in it!
Its a very great place with nice shops like:D

▌Brands List
hsh/Lika Ruby/GABRIEL/Salon de GLOW/
:::am dsgn:::/elysion/ *chronokit*/Connors/
Crystal line/Halcali/SEEKING FOR BEAUTY HAIR/C’est la vie!/

and new releasing Tweed jacket&dot.
Bright up your autumn clothes:D
and Your fave jacket for everyday<3

:: Jacket tweed(KDC TOWN Limited) ::

Each 5Color(black,brown,moss green,navy,plum)/140L

:: Tiered skirt dot(KDC TOWN Limited) ::

Each 5Color(fresh green,pink brown,ivory,navy)/120L

and,new Lucky Board item:D

:: Gingham check pants(KDC TOWN Limited) ::

and and The item of ::K:: were put on one corner of C’est la vie!KDC

::K:: Stole Twin(KDC TOWN Limited) ::

Each 4 Color( lightblue x dotivory, redbean x dotretronavy, lightgray x dotpinkbrown,mosgreen x dotfreshgreen)/77L

This stole is a collaboration product with the skirt of ::C’est la vie!::





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