::C’est la vie!:fur purse with flower

::fur purse with flower::

I’m releasing fur purse with flower.
This bag is sold in limited SGB mall only.

▌::C’est la vie !:: fur purse(with flower)
Each6color(black,cream,mauve,nile blue,moca,silver gray)/100L
comes with right hand&left fore arm attachments


I hope we’ll make you happier with my goods. Peace🙂

▌ B L O G | https://cestlavie2.wordpress.com/
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▌F L I C K R | http://www.flickr.com/groups/sl_clv/
I love you all and made my group in flickr.
please add your photos about c’est la vie pose or clothes.

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Thank you for reading this listing!

C’est la vie ! Larcoco Mathy

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