::C’est la vie!::The Black Market

It’s The Black Market Start!!
I joined The Black Market,So excited to take part in this event.

I have set out new items “Wbutton poncho”
Wbutton poncho Knit(plum) is ON SALE for L$100.
and knit turtleneck(zircon blue,sweet pink) and nordic vest(brown,white) is ON SALE for L$40 until event!!
The next time you sell the main store, and return to the regular price:))

▌How to TBM?
The Black Market is being put on by FLTO.
Participating designers make one exclusive item which will cost 100L and there will also be 4 other items from the designers stores, those will cost 40L . It’s a monthly event, so the 4 items will change every month, but the exclusive item will remain there. After the event, it will be sold in the individual stores at full price.
You can stay tuned for that by visiting the FLTO Blog.


::Wbutton poncho Knit(Plum)::


::C’est la vie!::@The Black Market




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