::C’est la vie !::@E U P H O R I A  P R E – S P R I N G S A L E

Hi there;D
Our E U P H O R I A are organizing a spontaneous 3 day sale event to welcome Spring!

We have great selection of participating brands with items priced at L$50.
The sale runs on from April 6th – 8th, so make sure to check out these deals.

Here are the list of our designers:

Atro Patena/C’est La vie!/Chantkare/CIA Designs/D.Select/
dDX/Ecla/Fleshtone/FinesmithGizza/Gabriel/Glam Affair/
Glow Studio/HOF/HalCali HOMME/HalCali FEMME/Hucci/
Imbue/Leverocci/LWL/Miss C/Pose Sinfully /Pixel Mode /
Rozena /Sartoria/.S H I /SMS/sYs/Sugarsmack/Sigma/Shag /
Vershe /Wasabi Pills/Zenith

::C’est La vie !::




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