::C’est la vie!:: [_Stuff in Stock_]

hi there;D
I’m participating in [_Stuff in Stock_]Round 5(16 april – )
theme is men and women  or unisex \o/yaaaaaay!!
This is a new discount, created for those who want to buy stuff at a good price!

I’m releasing “Contrast Piping Cardigan”
for men,for women

ON SALE for L$80
The next time you sell the main store, and return to the regular price.
enjoy shopping:))

::C’est la vie:: ::C’est la vie !:: Contrast Piping Cardigan(pink)for MEN

::C’est la vie:: ::C’est la vie !:: Contrast Piping Cardigan(mint)for WOMEN


[Stuff in stock]



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