::C’est la vie!:: A-line Fit Flare skirt @Midnight Dream*summer 2012

I’m participating in Midnight Dream*summer 2012 event.
The theme of the event is ‘Midnight Dream’XD

with awesome designers<3
bbqq/Pink Ribbon 21~*/ur.favorite.one (U.F.O)/
*RibboN*/++Twilight++/Banilacoco skin/
🙂 BCC /{ ililo }/::C’est la vie!::/MARIKO/ZZANG/
ASO/[SF] Spring Field/hair shop nodoka/b.v/
**pulcino**/.::Mother Goose’s::./yoyo9/bevelo21/
Winky’s gesture/

I’m releasing “A-line Fit Flare skirt”.
I made a pattern of Midnight and dreams.
And made the color of some of the design of the leaf.
A beautifully flattering linen look fit and flare skirt; perfect for all smart daywear when combined with its matching jacket.

You need to make sure that you have a mesh enabled viewer.
And please demo before buying.

::C’est la vie !:: A-line Fit Flare skirt

A-line Fit Flare skirt rigged mesh

Each 7color(dream,midnight,leaf black,leaf blue,leaf green,leag brown,leaf wine)180L

::C’est la vie !:: classic hat(Bow border)mesh

Midnight Dream gift for 1L

enjoy shopping<333

Midnight Dream*summer 2012




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