::K:: Accent Tie-Mesh& new Lucky board

::K:: Accent Tie-Mesh

I release Accent Tie.
I adhered to the form of the knot in the modeling of this necktie:D
I am glad if it adds to one of the wardrobes of yours.

::K:: Accent Tie-MESH
Plain : Pink,Tan,Turquoise
Leather : Vintage,Black,Gray
Gingham : Black,Yellow,Green
Dot : Ocher,Navy,Wine

Sizes available
Male L/M/S/XS
Female L/M/S/XS

Please try on DEMO before purchase enough.

and new LB
I would like to present you ‘::K:: Accent Tie Marine’ for group members.
touch to the panel(have to set the ‘CLV Group Tag’)

::K:: Accent Tie Marine LB

I hope you visit my store.
Please enjoy your secondlife fashion.

::K:: available at ::C’est la vie!::mainstore




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