::C’est la vie!::&::K:: present Fruit Hunt

Fruit Hunt

Don’t miss the most exciting and anticipated hunt coming July 16 ends August 15.
::C’est la vie!::&::K:: will be offering hunt gifts for 1L$(group only,have to set the ‘CLV Group Tag’)
some Hunt gift are hidden in the ::C’est la vie!:: main store
find the fruit:D

You need to make sure that you have a mesh enabled viewer.
Because, so gift is a Mesh of all

::C’est la vie!:: hunt gift women or unisex
::K:: hunt gift men or unisex

enjoy Hunting!!<3

::C’est la vie !::&::K:: mainstore


::C’est la vie!::&::K:: present Fruit Hunt」への1件のフィードバック

  1. ピンバック: Hunt SL



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