::C’est la vie!:: New Shoulder bag

I’m releasing “Shoulder bag”.
The suede stripe-panel bag has a colorful suede stripe shoulder strap.

::C’est la vie !:: Shoulder bag -suede-

Each 5color(tan,green,cream,choco,black)
non rigged mesh

C’est La Vie mesh is all original mesh:)
You need to make sure that you have a mesh enabled viewer.

and Another new items

::C’est la vie !:: FW color tights

Each 11color(carrot,choco,cobaltblue,forestgreen,
leghom,navy,olive,peacock gree,rose,winered,yellow ocher)

and Leggings(cross,carrot,forestgreen,yellow ocher) is ON SALE for L$40 until The Black Market event!!

enjoy shopping<333

::C’est la vie !:: mainstore




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