::C’est la vie!:: Mila dress @The Seasons Story

Hi!!!Do not miss it!!!♥
I’m participating in The Seasons Story event!!!
September 10th to October 10th 1month

I have set up a new product.
From C’est la vie! for neat lady like to shirts dress.
I already feel “autumn”
This is given a contemporary touch with clean tailoring,
plain or dot or check prints and cute detailing. Button up collar with neck cord loose tie:)

With Awesome Designers
Ooyuki/Pesca/Monso/Olive/LEO-NT/Sheep Door/Model Poses/
JD/Taketomi/UMEBOSHI/VIVE9/TORO/Pink Acid/DUE/Milk Motion/
ASO!/Kirin/Essences/Wasabi pills/Sugar Heart/Sleepy Eddy/floorplan/
Vincue/Tulip/D!va/Apple Fall/Izzie’s/Zigana/Alvulo/pumpkin/Lee/BOOM/
Contraption/LISP/Swallow/Flowey/tram/Half Deer/INK/O.M.E.N/Glam Affair/
Tableau Vivant/Mother Goose’s/TRUTH/flowey & art dummy/C’est la vie!/

::C'est la vie !:: Mila dress

c-164-Mila dress-AD copy

Each 12color
Available in Standard sizing, XXS,XS,S,M,L
include alpha layer
100% original rigged mesh

We open!!
The Seasons Story




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