::C’est la vie!:: Wool sweater @The Chapter Four November round

Hi!!!Do not miss it!!!♥
I’m participating in The Chapter Four, november.4th start round!!
The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event.
4th ( 9 AM SLT open) to 18th ( 11PM SLT close) 15 days

with awesome designers<3
ionic/Frankie/LpD/pocha/zenith/yulicie/Half Der/XIAJ/Natural/
TSC/LODE/DROP/NuDoLu/pesca/Sleepy Eddy/ASO&Shoothe/INK/
2:00PM/Zigana/[keke]/Milk Motion/Toki-Doki/Tokame/COCO/Birdy/C'est la vie!/

I have participated in half room

C’est la vie! delivers a simple version of a wardrobe classic.
This sweater was blown hem up.

::C'est la vie !:: Wool sweater


Each 12color
Available in Standard sizing, XXS,XS,S,M,L
include alpha layer
100% original rigged mesh

The next time you sell the main store, and return to the regular price:))

enjoy shopping<333

The Chapter Four




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