::C’est la vie!::x salon de GLOW CLV-SDG-01 Hair

Hi there!!
I’m started selling a collaboration model hair that we created with a designer salon de GLOW.
these are wearing porkpie hat (Hat6/ribbon10 texture HUD)
things for use by men.
Try to first DEMO!!:D

Each color(Blacks-Ash/Dark Blonde/Dark Brown/Dark Gray/Jet Black/Light Blode/Light Brown/strawberry)
Include hair base
Hat6/ribbon10 texture HUD Included

and new lucky board.
group member only.
touch to the panel(have to set the ‘CLV Group Tag’)
Limited color

enjoy shopping<333

Salon de GLOW main store

::C’est la vie !:: mainstore ::


::C’est la vie!::x salon de GLOW CLV-SDG-01 Hair」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Mariegoid Raiya の発言:

    I was very impressed the modeling of your avatar.
    Since I wanted to try to become the avatar similar, by all means, even for skin that you are using this avatar, please tell us by all means.
    I respect very much the aesthetic sense of you.
    If possible, I will pray to God that this modest my wish come true.



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