::C’est la vie!:: Soobin Bag @The Dressing Room Fusion

Hi!!!Do not miss it!!!♥
I will take part in events as a guest of The Dressing Room Fusion March 13th round.
Lots of fashions to be had for 40-70L!!! Opens March13 – March 27, 2015.

This mundane bag,
If this bag could talk, it would say, Roll me up and let’s go shopping!
It can be worn with an everyday outfit for keeping , or just as an accessory to spice up your look 😀
The bag comes in two pastel colors and the most popular camel color so it can really be accessorized at every outfit.


each color(leather camel,leather mint,leather pink champagne)
include resize script
100% original mesh

The next time you sell the main store, and return to the regular price:))

enjoy shopping<333

The Dressing Room Fusion

::C’est la vie !::

| M A I N S T O R E | M A R K E T P L A C E | F A C E B O O K | F L I C K R |




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