::C’est la vie!:: Serry Bag for Fifty Linden Fridays.14th Aug

The “Serry Bag” are Available at C’est la vie! main store!
for Fifty Linden Fridays.

Rockstud Leather strap clutch Bag .
Wear it with a girlish dress, or let it add color to classic denim.
Signature Rockstud pyramid stud trim and
bunch with fringe.


100% original Non Rigged mesh
Include 7 Leather/ 2 Metal Change HUD
Include Resize script (You can resize in all X, Y, Z directions instead of Simply just enlarging them.The menu gives you the possibility to stretch the object in X, Y, Z or XY, XZ, YZ or XYZ directions. )
Attachment points R-hand
option with or without pose

The next time you sell the main store, and return to the regular price:))

::C’est la vie !::

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