::C’est la vie !:: Gwyeth Outfit @Shiny Shabby

Hi!!!Do not miss it!!!♥
I’m participating in Shiny Shabby, January round!!

This outfit heralds snuggly cute styling!
The Gwyneth Outfit will serve you well through Winter and into Spring!❤

This A-line skirt with high neck sweater is beautifully structured for pairing with a add-on Vest of separates.
Perfect for layering, with cute grandma buttons knit Vest and an natural color that matches everything.
These will have a HUD for changing.



include alpha layer
Available in Standard sizing, XXS,XS,S,M,L
Fitted Mesh for Slink physique Original and Hourglass / Maitreya Lala
100% original rigged mesh
each color 3 Belt,8 Sweater,4 Vest,3 Button change HUD


Shiny Shabby



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