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Hello コンニチワ 你 好안녕하세 요สวัสดีค่ะ Xin chào Selamat siang
السلام عليكم Привет Ciao Bonjour Hola Guten tag Olá Päivää everyone!

Thank you for your visiting to ‘C’est la vie!
I hope we’ll make you happier with my goods.

[Store Policies]

Please make sure you try a demo first before you buy!

Have delivery issues, or accidentally deleted an item? Please use the redelivery terminal located at the main store.

Only if you buy the same item twice by mistake (only for copy items).
Please send a note card to me with your full name and the transaction details.

I’m not responsible for any 2nd hand purchases made on the marketplace or yardsales.

Thanks for reading

[Store Location]

:: C’est la vie ! :: main store

[Market place]

The rest of our collection is now available through Direct Delivery in the SL Marketplace.
You could also send gifts to friends through the SL Marketplace portal.

::C’est la vie!::Market place

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