::C’est la vie!:: Groupgift Oivi neckwarmer

This is a lovely chunky neckwarmer!!
made out of very soft and beautiful fabric.
These will have a HUD for changing 20 textures.

They are can be worn in many different ways, depends on your imagination.
It can be worn with an everyday outfit for keeping your neck warm, or just as an accessory to spice up your look :D

get the gift at Main Store;D
touch to the panel(have to set the “C’est la vie! Group Tag”)

Happy Winter <3

include resize script
20 texture (plaid,knit) change HUD
100% original mesh
::C’est la vie!:: mainstore


::C’est la vie!:: The Chapter Four May round

Hi!!!Do not miss it!!!♥

I’m participating in gacha room of The Chapter Four,may.4th start round!!
The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event.
4th ( 6 AM SLT open) to 25th ( 11PM SLT close)

Happy Birthday The Chapter Four!
TCF turns 1 year in May\o/
gifts, live concerts and many cute things!

With awesome designers<3
Mango Cheeks/AMITOMO/Tentacio/MISERIA/LPD/ionic/Moon/
ATOMIC/Little bones/pocha/HIDEKI/Le primitif/Lepoppycock/
2:00PM/COCO/ASO soothe/JUNBUG/The Skinnery/ANE/LOVE RE ME/
FAUN/NIKOTIN Footwear/SMS/SORGO/TSC/Deadwool/Amala/
MINA/Ingenue/ATOMIC/D-LAB/SKBIO/NuDoLu/David Heather/
OFFBEAT/*(OO)*YUKI/birdy/LODE/XIAJ/Oh la la!/tokame/Pr!tty/

out now!!
This leather crossbody bag is accented with leather fringe, and turquoise stone :D


Beads&fringe bag gacha has 9 different and 1 RARE designs for 1 play 65L
100% original mesh
no copy,no mod,
Transf OK

and Happy Birthday The Chapter Four
I made gift for TCF
The balloon float up into the air XD
touch to the Gift box at my booth(have to set the ‘The Chapter Four Group Tag’)
include 2type (floating anim)


The Chapter Four

::C’est la vie!:: exclusive groupgift<3

I made Valentine’s Day chocolate cupcake today:D
::C’est la vie!:: has a exclusive gift just for Valentines Day.
grab this cupcake especially for Valentines Day!

you can present cupcake to him.


Include pose and no pose type
and to him (No copy, no mod, OK trans,)

get the gift at Main Store;D
touch to the panel(have to set the ‘CLV Group Tag’)

Have a nice weekend!<333

::C’est la vie!:: mainstore